We know where we want to go.
How will we know when we've gotten there?

Thanks to outstanding collaboration among the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning Committee, CLAS leadership, departmental leadership, and the many faculty, staff, and students who offered ideas and insights, the 2021-2026 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan reflects the aspirations of our collegiate community.

Our plan provides a roadmap to guide our decision-making as we seek to sustain and enhance a community built on excellence in education, research and discovery, and community engagement. 

Year One of our 2021-2026 CLAS Strategic Plan's implementation will focus on identifying college-wide, transparent metrics for measuring our progress toward our collective goals.

  • How do we support student success? 
  • By what standards do we assess our teaching and mentoring?
  • How do we measure the impact of our research and discovery?
  • What does it mean to have a genuinely diverse, equitable, and inclusive community?
  • How should we engage with communities?

By deciding together on shared definitions and commonly held metrics, we can ensure that we're all pulling in the same direction as we tackle our biggest challenges and realize our greatest hopes during the subsequent four years of the plan.

Let's get started!