Goal 1: Recruitment

  • Strategy 1: Leverage the institutional systems and resources to enhance recruitment of faculty and staff to attract and hire a diverse pool of excellent candidates for key positions at the university
  • Strategy 2: Increase consistency of how different departments conduct searches in order to make sure that we are using best practices, with emphasis on faculty searches 
  • Strategy 3: Develop an intentional five-year hiring plan for faculty and staff in the college, inclusive of succession planning
  • Strategy 4: Design an intentional plan for meeting start-up needs for faculty

Goal 2: Development

  • Strategy 1: Develop tools to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide support for key leaders
  • Strategy 2: Develop processes by which we identify emerging leaders and equip and train them before they step into leadership roles
  • Strategy 3: Provide intentional and diverse opportunities for mentor training and mentoring
  • Strategy 4: Gather feedback about key leaders and provide them the supports to adapt their leadership in response to feedback
  • Strategy 5: Help faculty and staff to recognize the career life cycle, place themselves within that, and develop them from stage to stage in that cycle

Goal 3: Retention

  • Strategy 1: Provide opportunities for success and recognition of that success in the faculty or staff position
  • Strategy 2: Address the process by which the college awards merit increases for faculty and staff
  • Strategy 3: Implement faculty and staff performance review processes that better align with performance expectations
  • Strategy 4: Foster a professional culture that builds institutional loyalty
Portrait of Julie Rothbardt

Julie Rothbardt

Senior Director of Human Resources
A portrait of Christopher Cheatum, Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences

Christopher Cheatum

Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical and Social Sciences
A portrait of Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities, Roland Racevskis

Roland Racevskis

Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities

Year One Progress

  • Assessed salary compression across college
  • Developed new training for onboarding departmental executive officers
  • Increased number of faculty awards and recognitions
  • Continued Path to Distinction program for faculty hiring
  • Utilized resources through provost office to bolster faculty retention efforts
  • Initiated five charges as part of discussions on restructuring CLAS

Year Two Priorities

  • Expand DEO mentoring on strategic prioritization and faculty development 
  • Clarify and optimize visitor/adjunct process
  • Support transition to new performing arts model 
  • Raise profile of programs with strategic growth in enrollments and research 
  • Improve faculty review process

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