Cornelia Lang, University of Iowa

Cornelia Lang

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Goal: Build a strong community of undergraduate learning and engagement

Strategy 1: Increase undergraduate student success through high-impact learning strategies and evidence-based practices

Strategy 2: Expand undergraduate recruiting and retention efforts to ensure sustainable student enrollments

Strategy 3: Enhance undergraduate student retention efforts to increase student success and help students maintain their time to degree plans

Strategy 4: Increase academic, peer and career mentoring opportunities for all undergraduate students 

Year Two Progress

  • Expanded CLAS Academic Advising
    • Established advising leadership team
    • Defining 4 focal areas of CLAS
    • Increased partnership with Academic Advising Center
  • Strengthened CLAS curriculum and enrollment:
    • Assessed International and Global Issues GE area
    • GE courses in AY 22-23 had > 95% of seats filled 
    • Began academic assessment coordinator search in summer 2023
    • Developed 10 WLCE courses and a Faculty Learning Community
  • Strengthened student-centered policies and outreach
    • Mental health training for faculty/staff
    • Began reviewing and revising academic outreach- low rates of probation, dismissal
    • Prepared WL Pathways requirement for summer ‘24 start
  • Strengthened CLAS recruitment
    • Established team to support events
    • Partnered with CLAS Marketing and Communications on academic program recruitment marketing
    • Restarted student ambassador program

Year Three Priorities

  • Implement “Future of CLAS Advising” plan (advising for all undergraduate students in CLAS)
  • Establish and expand faculty training for career advising, mentoring and supporting students
  • Evaluate and support online and innovative undergraduate courses and programs
  • Develop and strengthen academic program assessment processes, with a focus on areas that CLAS has recently reviewed through the charges 
  • Assess and revise undergraduate writing/communication/literature requirements in light of new technology tools and the Writing University brand

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