Associate Dean Joshua Weiner

Joshua Weiner

Associate Dean for Research

Goal 1: Infuse the research mission with renewed energy and vitality

  • Strategy 1: Enhance investment in faculty development and productivity
  • Strategy 2: Promote a culture of discovery and creativity

Goal 2: Enhance the research visibility of the college

  • Strategy 1: Invest in existing and emerging areas of strength
  • Strategy 2: Increase the number of research grants and fellowships awarded to faculty, staff, and students
  • Strategy 3: Harness the collective strength of units that can make a cross-disciplinary research impact

Year One Progress

  • CLAS Data Team developed and deployed comprehensive data dashboards to all DEOs and departmental administrators
  • Record high $144M in CLAS grant proposals, with $72M in grant awards
  • Hired Grant Support Office director and several new staff
  • Deployed CLAS renovation and equipment funds for strategic investment in performing arts, social sciences, and natural sciences 
  • Increased indirect cost return to grant-receiving departments; changed from fixed amount to percentage of funds generated  
  • Successfully advocated for increased central UI support for strategic areas
  • Inaugurated twice-per-semester “Research Dinner” events to bring together small groups of CLAS faculty for fellowship, connections, and feedback
  • Requested and obtained new support for Performance/Exhibition Subventions from Office of Vice President for Research
  • Co-led the development of the UI 2022-2027 Strategic Plan Research and Creative Discovery section; infrastructure priorities critical for CLAS programs are highlighted as foci in the plan
  • Developed comprehensive CLAS ten-year facilities plan with UI Campus Planning and communicated to CLAS leadership, faculty, and staff
  • Two brand new CLAS buildings: Non-Fiction Writing Program Building nearing completion, West Campus Academic Building being planned to house Health and Human Physiology and Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Began discussions within each discipline towards defining and measuring faculty research activity
  • Started a new BTAA Associate Deans for Research group and facilitated two meetings per semester

Year Two Priorities

  • Increase capacity of the Grant Support Office to improve departmental coverage and grow services
  • Develop improved strategies for tracking and quantifying CLAS undergraduate research experiences
  • Identify and assess possible replacements for the APR to ensure fair faculty assessment and collection of College-level metrics
  • Utilize new BTAA Associate Deans for Research group to explore best practices for improving research funding, building interdisciplinary strengths, and enhancing faculty productivity
  • Continue to utilize CLAS resources and partnerships with campus partners to make substantial improvements to our research infrastructure
  • Assist with implementation of the UI 2022-2027 Strategic Plan to ensure that top CLAS programs are identified and prioritized

  • Continue discussions with CLAS faculty to identify and support emerging research strengths

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