Christine Getz, University of Iowa

Christine Getz

Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Outreach and Engagement

Goal: Support the graduate and postdoctoral student experience by building a strong community for learning and discovery

  • Strategy 1: Create objective measures for evaluating the success of graduate programs and direct resources accordingly 
  • Strategy 2: Engage in innovative and inclusive approaches that prepare graduate students and postdocs for a variety of career objectives
  • Strategy 3: Strengthen and coordinate CLAS systems that support of graduate and postdoctoral education

Year Two Progress

  • Piloted graduate data dashboard with selected departments showing TA assignments, certificate and degree completion, and career placement for PhD programs

  • Expanded infrastructural collaboration through departmental visits and established Graduate Education Support Staff (GESS) working group

  • Revised or developed two cross-disciplinary humanities, engagement, and teaching pedagogy courses
  • Received approval for Certificate in Multilingualism and Culturally Responsive Practice and Combined MA French/MFALT

  • Currently preparing Public Humanities Certificate proposal under leadership of GWSS


Year Three Priorities

  • Expand the real-time CLAS Graduate and Postdoc data dashboard
  • Align graduate funding with CLAS strategic priorities
  • Promote mentored and peer-teaching evaluation frameworks in collaboration with Center for Teaching
  • Lead career diversification through the GA pilot project and CLAS Career Boot Camp   
  • Create degree and certificate programs that support career diversification, public engagement, and professional advancement
  • Increase infrastructural collaboration through departmental visits, DGS and GESS programming, and a collegiate-sponsored CLAS TA Orientation

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